The ENE Digital initiative launched in 2022 is part of the Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation priority area. 

Why do we need this initiative? Digitalisation is transforming society, having a strong impact on all sectors and our everyday lives. Digital technology is literally everywhere. The digital future is happening now. For students the use of technology is natural. Traditional methods are going through a transformation to adapt to the needs of the 21st century students and enhance the professional practice of teachers.

Digital technology brings a change to teachers’ work. Lesson learnt from the Covid-2019 showed the values and role the technology inside the school environment. Perhaps there was less reform in these months, but there has been more change. COVID resulted in technological and social innovation in education as ALL partners (learners, parents, educators, technology sector, researchers, policy makers) needed to come together to solve the new problem. Digital technology guaranteed the provision of education worldwide. Our society needs to maintain the sense of responsiveness.

                                                                                                                                                      DIGI ENE launching event “Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning” organised on 23-24 March 2022 by ETF Network for Excellence and STePS opened a platform for discussion and transnational learning among members of the network. 

Focus of the Initiative “Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning” is learning as an activity and mindset not a "place".

We are going to keep learning from each other, inspire, engage, discuss, create network, collaborate, exchange best practices. The Initiative should support creation and transfer of sustainable, cost and time effective solutions to support teaching & learning process.

But what exactly? 

The 2 main components of the Initiative were presented by our experts on the 1st day of the webinar. You can find all presentation below, in 3 languages EN, RU, FR : Kick off webinar DIGI ENE | Open Space (

        1. Webinars will be concentrated on 3 thematic areas:

  • Digital pedagogies – approaches to teaching for effective technology integration into education. During our project we are going to discuss about the following questions: How to teach when you go online? How to engage with students? How to motivate students? How to monitor and evaluate their work? Gamification not just for fun – how to use technology in a pedagogically meaningful way? The webinar about "Digital pedagogies" was organised on 31 May 2022. Please find the agenda and presentations HERE
  • Digital content & tools – open tools which can support teachers in their work. How to find and choose the best tools? How to produce a digital content? How to use and create OERs? Should schools guide teachers in the choice? Do you think to be overwhelmed with technology? - planned for 16th February 2023
  • Teachers’ Digital Competences – changing role of the educator, opportunities to foster development of professional skills of a 21st century teacher. How to support teachers in this change? Which are teachers’ professional needs and how to map them? What we need to do for an effective and durable digital change at school? How much do we need a strong leader? The webinar dedicated to "Teachers Digital Competencies" was organised on 11 October 2022 and was attended by 108 participants. Find out more HERE           
  • Upcoming webinar: "Mentoring methods as supporting mechanism to foster digital innovation in teaching & learning", 23rd of May 2023 
  • 2. Development projects: engagement, active participation hands-on approach and “learning by doing” are the key elements of the second parallel activity addressed to CoVEs members of the ETF Network for Excellence (ENE). If the aim of the webinars is to explore new opportunities, the objective of the Development projects is to materialize the change: piloting new tool/approach/methodology by selected CoVEs.
  • The interactive working group session was held on day 2. It helped us to voice and identify better challenges and needs of the CoVEs. The attendees were divided into 4 working groups that were facilitated by 4 expert moderators. All participants have had a unique opportunity to work collaboratively and included their feedback thanks to the use of visual tool Jamboard. The working group session was a great moment for networking and peer learning. You can find the results of the working group session below: Kick off webinar DIGI ENE | Open Space ( 

    Leaders of the “Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning” Initiative believe that our joint initiative can benefit consolidating the network through enhancing partnerships around different thematic areas which will be strategically managed to build sustainable basis to move into the future.

  • ETF DIGI ENE Initiative in collaboration with STEPS is giving support to organisations which are implementing their "Development Projects" with the aim to make the change happens inside their institutions. 

    How we are supporting them?

  • 🎯 showcasing innovative digital practices (during webinars)

  • 🎯 providing "Learning Pills" - small groups workshop with follow-up sessions

  • 👉 Workshop "Digitally-innovative School", organised on 24 October 2022

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    ➡️ Kairit Tammets: Introduction to the "Digitally-innovative school" 

    ➡️  Liisa Ilomaki & Minna Lakkala: How to assess the digital potential of your school? Is your school making the most of digital technologies for teaching and learning? 

    ➡️  Cecilie Johanne Slokvik Hansen: Digital innovation practices in schools

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  • 👉 Workshop "Creation of innovative learning scenarios using digital repositories: Europeana example", organised on 2 November 2022

  • Video registration: 

  • 👉 Workshop "Assessment of digital readiness of teachers and schools (SELFIE)", organised on 25 November 2022

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  • 👉 Workshop "How to teach with Europeana?" organised on 9 December 2022. Presentation of Europeana learning scenarios by Isabel Crespo.  

What happens next? 

After matching of the needs and resources & fine-tuning of the DP topic, the Development project Partners participate in workshops + follow up session and carry out assignments. Each Partners keeps its individual "Diary" where all implementation stages are presented - this will be the final Publication at the end of the journey. 

Please find an example below about we have structured one of our Development Projects: 

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