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About the ETF community of Innovative Educators 

The European Training Foundation is supporting an international community of innovative educators. The community will foster the promotion, discussion, validation and adoption of innovative teaching and learning practices among teachers, trainers and other education professionals.  Innovations addressed include: personalised learning, digital and online learning, new learning environments, professional development and key skills.  The community of Innovative Educators is part of the ETF’s Creating New Learning initiative and will work in multiple languages. 

In order to value both grassroots innovation and international collaboration, the community will organise and promote activities at the local/national level (in national languages) as well as international cooperation through events, competitions and knowledge exchange.  


What you can do in the community 

Through this community you can: 

  • promote your work or that of your organization or network by writing a post (in your language of preference) in the community space 

  • Find out about opportunities to participate in projects, training activities and international cooperation. 


Who can be involved? 

All educators interested in new teaching and learning practices. We welcome participants particularly from the ETF partner regions but any educator is welcome to join. This includes academic teachers, vocational and technical teachers, practical instructors, general subject teachers, principals, pedagogues, adult educators, mentors, teacher trainers and education solution providers. 

To join the community please follow this link

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