The Webinar "How to build critical digital literacies: ideas and practical applications for educators"  will take place on 29 September (14:00-15:30 CEST). The online event is organized by the ETF Community of Innovative Educators

Introduction to the webinar

In our digital societies made of big data, hidden algorithms and fake news, raising educators’ awareness regarding the complexity of using digital technologies and social media for learning is a key issue. Developing critical digital competences is in fact key to everyone, but even more to educators, so that they can empower students to engage not only effectively but also ethically with the current socio-technical ecosystem.  

For this shift to become mainstream, however, education systems need to be invested in approaching digital competences from a critical perspective, starting from the training of teachers themselves, and with the frameworks regulating both pedagogies and curricula. This involves reconceptualising the notion of digital literacies in order to look beyond functional digital skills and encompass instead a richer set of critical digital literacies, that are tailored specifically to educators’ personal and professional needs. 

This webinar will present examples of tools and approaches to develop an in-depth understanding of the dimensions of critical digital literacies within learning design and professional development. 

Agenda of the webinar 

Opening and introduction by Fabio Nascimbeni, ETF

What critical digital literacies for teachers? The European Commission’s DIGCOMPEDU  presented by Alessandro Brolpito, ETF 

Critical digital literacies through learning design; the DETECT tools  presented by Darren Mundy, University of Hull  

Panel: applications of digital literacies in schools: Moderated by Roberto Righi, Steps 

  • Oksana Pasichnyk, Ukraine 
  • Carol De Britos Escola Virolai, Escola Virolai, Spain 
  • Osvaldo Di Cuffa, Sassetti-Peruzzi Vocational School, Italy

Questions to the presenters and conclusions 

The event will take place online on the Zoom platform and will be delivered in English, Russian and Arabic. 

How to register? Please fill in a short registration form. After registering you will receive the link to access the meeting. 

If you couldn't be with us on 29 September, do not worry, the webinar recordings are now available for you in EN, RU, AR 

EN_How to build Critical Digital Literacies: Ideas and Practical Applications for Educators 

RU_How to build Critical Digital Literacies: Ideas and Practical Applications for Educators 

AR_How to build Critical Digital Literacies: Ideas and Practical Applications for Educators