The Partnership for Innovation in Adult Learning and Education (PIALE) is one of the four partnerships within Creating New Learning (CNL) that will explore different forms of innovation. It is envisaged that the ETF in partnership with DVV International will pilot an innovative practice in Adult Learning and Education (ALE) with six ALE institutions (plus supporting organisations) with a reach of total 260 participants and 15 Adult educators from Jordan and Palestine. 

Recommendations for piloting the outreach strategy:

The strategy was designed to response to the need of the 3 centers and their direct link with DVV office and activities, local authorities related in each location and the ministry of Education as well as other stakeholders from the private sector who is a target in this strategy to create a link with and establish contacts with.

The strategy was divided based on the geographical location in order to facilitate implementation based on the natural differences between each location and strategy is implemented at. The strategy is conducted in the south and north of the West bank were each of the two locations have different stakeholders.

There were some activities which would connect not only the 3 centers in Palestine but also the ones in Jordan in a joint activity based in the mutual needs of the 3 different centers.

The use of social media and online platforms in order to reach more people in the targeted location is very important. Showing success stories of previous Mujawarat to others in the targeted area will encourage both new target groups in the area as well as local supporters from the privet sector including chambers of commerce, businessmen centers and privet businessmen.

In order to make the Mujawarat visible there is a need to make the activities visible by using all tools including social media platform and local radios and TVs.

After the success stories the three directors talk about in their centers, we will invite the new target groups and the new stakeholders (privet sector organisations, chambers, businessmen forum and TVET centers) to join the new Mujawarat activities and its connected implementation program.

The strategy will be implemented in Jenin and Hebron (Yatta) in parallel with adjusting each location special situation.