Creating an international vocational excellence self-assessment tool for CoVEs


Under this component, an international self-assessment tool for CoVEs (ISATCOV) will be developed and tested.  Guidance and support materials will be prepared and the tool will be piloted. The tool is intended to encourage flexible and collaborative approaches to self-assessment and offer not only greater organisational self-knowledge but also access to support good practices and partnership.

In January-March 2022 research was conducted to evaluate current and historic tools that support self-assessment for educational organisations in an international context. 

The report on these tools is shaping the conceptualisation of the tool.

Building on this research a ‘working’ concept for an international vocational excellence quality and development tool (ISATCOV) was developed. The concept has been subject to critical examination within ETF and also through a number of external consultations.

The concept places particular emphasis on the developmental function of the tool and the manner in which it will empower CoVEs to model, transmit and coordinate improvements between skills providers internationally.

In June 2022 the concept for the self-assessment framework was reviewed by the Consultative Panel which resulted in some revisions in the criteria for excellence. 

On September 28th the Panel met for a second time to scrutinise the draft indicators for the first 10 criteria.  The presentations from this meeting can be viewed below.

A consultation meeting with representatives of VET schools took place on 24th October and on 23rd November.  The presentations from these meetings can be viewed below.

An survey was conducted to allow teachers, trainers, school managers and stakeholders to review and comment in detail on the criteria and the indicators.  In the light of consultations the indicators and criteria were revised and validated by the Consultative Panel on 27th February 2023.

It is envisaged that the developed self-assessment framework will be tested in two pilots.

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